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Mavericks' Parent/Athlete Program Policies

  • If you need assistance or answers to anything, please contact us! (760) 328-1113
  • We are committed to you and we will provide the best customer service to our Desert Elite Mavericks families.
  • Do not make assumptions about anything. Always ask.
  • Attitude is everything. If an athlete has a foul attitude, we will place him/ her to a non-competitive program, such as a class, until improvements are made. Until then, a replacement will be put in position.
  • Do not call or text the staff unless it is an emergency. The staff needs to have their personal time away from work. Thank you in advance for respecting this rule.
  • All cell phones and pagers must be turned off once practice starts.
  • All clothing and belongings must be stored in the gym cubbies, not thrown on the floor.
  • Do not bring items of value to the gym. (IPOD, Jewelry, IPHONES etc.) Desert Elite is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Siblings of athletes cannot come inside the gym and watch practice unattended. An adult in the viewing room must supervise them. Please do not drop off any athlete or their sibling early or pick up late. We are not a babysitting service.
  • No one is allowed to yell onto the floor or make contact through the viewing room window.
  • You cannot create or sell your own Desert Elite Mavericks clothing. Our name and LOGO is our property. All ideas for apparel must be emailed and approved by the program director (Amy Grey).
  • The only people allowed in the gym are staff members and athletes that are on the team rosters or are trying out for a position on the team. Parents, friends, relatives and siblings must remain in the viewing room or lobby.
  • Anyone threatening to quit will be asked to leave immediately. No refund will be given.
  • Your opinion regarding practice and routine construction does not count and is not wanted. The staff makes all of the decisions.
  • Do NOT gossip about other teams, parents, other gyms or kids. Again, if you have a questions. ASK, rather than listen to nonsense or engage in irresponsible conduct.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to stay informed. Check your email and the Desert Elite private Facebook page regularly. If you aren’t receiving emails, contact the Program Director ASAP. Every weekend, you will receive a weekly memo. Team Reps will also be emailing and texting as needed.
  • Shoes must be worn at practice.
  • Planned absences must be submitted by the director and/or head coach by June 10th. Please notify of any scheduled absence (school-related, family-related) at least two-weeks in advance if possible.
  • Coaches/Directors reserve the right to close practices at any time. This only occurs if the viewing room or area becomes negative or distracting.
  • Withholding your child from practice cannot be used as a form of discipline. This is unfair to the rest of the team.
  • Do not post negative comments, routines, or music on message boards, You Tube or any website without approval from the Program Director. Negative comments (direct or subtle) will not be tolerated and may be reason for dismissal.
  • Always exhibit good sportsmanship, positive conduct, and professionalism at all competitions and practices.
  • No profanity or rude language.
  • Punctuality is a MUST. Arrive early to all practices, competitions and functions.
  • Practice schedules can change. We will add or cancel practices before a competition — depending on the event.
  • Members are expected to bring their own water bottles. NO gum allowed. Please pick up after yourself.
  • Remove all body piercings. This is non-negotiable. This is a safety issue!
  • Feel free to talk to your coach about anything. We want to make sure the line of communication is open. However, there is an appropriate time. Email or call the gym to make an appointment. Please do NOT approach a coach during any practice, event, or competition as their focus is on the team during that time.


All-Star cheerleading is a YEAR-ROUND, team sport. When signing your paperwork, you are stating that both you and your athlete are making both the time and financial commitment. Athletes are expected to be on time and present to all practices, events, and competitions. Your commitment may also include additional classes or privates to further or fine-tine individual skills. ALL forms and commitment paperwork must be returned completed and signed by the end of the first month. NO excuses. Please bring the “Tryout – Placement” form with you to the placement clinic.


As a parent, you will receive information in several ways, such as weekly emails from the gym director and other emails/texts from your Team Coach (es) or Team Rep. Check the private Desert Elite Facebook page, the viewing room bulletin board, or our website for new updates as well.


  • A schedule of payments is listed at the end of this document. All monthly fees and/or payments are due on either the 1st or 15th of the month. Statements will be emailed upon request. Please keep all copies of paperwork and receipts in the event of a question or a discrepancy. Please make all checks payable to Desert Elite Mavericks.
  • A late fee of $25 will be assessed for all payments made after the 5th. All other fees are due on the exact due date. You may pay by cash, check, credit card, or money order. All credit card transactions are subject to a 2.5% user fee. Parents and responsible adults will be asked to sign a financial agreement. Each person signing the agreement will be responsible for keeping his/her child’s account current. Please make all checks payable to Desert Elite Mavericks. Returned checks will be charged a $25 fee.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on tuition, missed/cancelled practices/classes.
  • Tuition, Choreography, Uniform/Supplies, and Competition Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Leaving the team before the end of the contract year will result in a withdrawal fee: $100 before choreography and $500 after choreography is taught.
  • There is NO financial benefit gained from leaving the program early. Any and all balances must be paid upon termination. Failure to pay will result in account being sent to collections and/or small claims court action.


Different fundraisers will be presented throughout the year. Your fundraising profits will be directly posted to your account. This involves extra work outside of cheer. However, we have seen people pay for their whole year through fundraising! Information will be sent home via email and posted on Facebook. Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate. Any SURPLUS of credits from FUNDRAISERS can be applied towards Desert Elite Classes, Teams, and Merchandise. Fundraised money can never be refunded.


All athletes are placed on a team at the discretion of the coaches. Age, experience and ability all factor into placement. Please understand that athletes may be repositioned, moved, or replaced at any time at the discretion of the coaches. Any changes are made to benefit the team as a whole. This is a staff decision and NOT a parent decision.


There is a lobby area designated for all parents/friends. Parents/friends are asked to stay in that designated area and not come into training area. Parents are also encouraged and welcome to drop-off and pick-up athlete. We want your child to get the most out of every practice. In order for this to happen, we need their full attention. If there are distractions, the whole team is affected and may also become a safety issue. If a parent or anyone is observed speaking negatively about a team, coach, parent, or athlete he/she will be talked to and/or asked to leave. If this kind of behavior continues to be an issue, the child will have to be removed from the team. We will not tolerate this type of conduct. If a parent verbally assaults or threatens a student, coach or parent, the family will be dismissed from the program.


All transportation/accommodations to practices, events, and competitions are the solely the responsibility of each family. We will make every effort to provide information in a timely manner. However, if a competition is cancelled or rescheduled, Desert Elite will not be responsible for reimbursement for any reason. Members will be expected to travel in the required attire and remain in uniform unless otherwise told at all competitions and/or events.


During the competition season, athletes will be asked to travel. Some athletes will travel to national events out of the state. Transportation to competitions is the responsibility of each team member and his/her family. All Team members will Desert Elite Mavericks clothing to each function. Uniforms articles should be packed neatly into your carry-on/team bag.


Your dedication and support is just as important to us as it is to your child! We encourage all parents to sit together and support all Desert Elite teams. Parents are also encouraged to show support by wearing Desert Elite colors or clothing to competitions. Showing respect for the coaching staff, other teams and hosting organizations is expected, as you are there representing Desert Elite Mavericks and your child. Please understand that it is never the place of the parent to question or approach judges or event staff regarding anything relating to our team registration or performances. Questions should be directed ONLY to the Gym Director. We will deal with your concerns in regards to the organizations. Also please do not make assumptions on anything. Always ASK rather than assume or accuse. Accusations will not be taken lightly and are subject to investigation. If the accusation is found to be false, that athlete and family will be asked to leave the program.


Athletes are expected to take care of themselves through proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep. The Desert Elite prohibits the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs. While the Desert Elite cannot dictate your behavior and conduct "off-hours”, negative conduct will not be allowed to taint the reputation of the program and its members. You are expected to use caution in your use of any social media and represent yourself in a positive manner.


We ask that our athletes wear the designated practice attire to practices. The first practice of the week should be black Nike Pros bra top and spanks (or like product), the second practice of the week will be the Mavericks team bra top and black spanks. This provides for uniformity at practices and/or events and helps keep out-of-pocket expenses down for parents in that they will not need to buy extra, unneeded items. Athletes should be covered up to and from the gym. Please keep all Desert Elite Mavericks clothing, warm-ups and uniform in good condition. Please report any lost or damaged uniform items to your coach. The cost of replacement will be the responsibility of the athlete. NO jewelry to practice. Desert Elite Mavericks assumes NO responsibility for lost jewelry, clothing items, bows, or any valuables.


If any of the above rules are compromised, the following actions will occur:

  • 1st Violation: A meeting with the athlete defining the problem.
  • 2nd Violation: A meeting with the athlete & the parent(s).
  • 3rd Violation: The athlete may be suspended and/or removed from the team or entire program.


If an injury should occur, it is the responsibility of the parent to seek professional help. Each athlete must have his/her own medical insurance. After seeing a physician, please provide Desert Elite with an evaluation of the athlete’s injury/ status. A release from a doctor is required if a serious injury should occur. Please provide a doctor’s note for any injury that prevents full participation.


DON’T BE LATE, please.


Attendance is crucial to team success. An “absent request” form must be filled out prior to the planned missed practice. NO-SHOW, NO-CALL absence = $25 fine. No practice can be missed the two weeks prior to any competition. Excessive absences may result in team reassignment or removal from the program. If an athlete is absent for three or more practices, a doctor’s note is required. Any athlete that is also a member of their school cheer team or another team or activity that may conflict is required to turn in a schedule of games/events to the office.


  • Contagious illness
  • School function that affects grade (please let us know IN ADVANCE)
  • Family emergencies
  • Vacation during summer — provide dates by June 10th.
  • School cheer events — but we ask for consideration in return prior to our events.
  • Special event when cleared in advance by gym staff — at least ONE MONTH in advance for planning purposes.


  • School dance, prom, and senior events
  • Traffic
  • Too much homework
  • Feeling tired
  • Not having a ride
  • Babysitting a sibling
  • Non-contagious illness (athlete may come and "sit out")
  • Parental punishment
  • Any appointment that can be made outside of practice times
  • Jobs that should be scheduled outside of regular practice times


Vacations are not permitted during competition season (mid-November to early May), unless the gym is closed and the athlete has already cleared it with their coaches at least two weeks in advance. Please provide dates by June 10th.


Fourth of July – July 4th
Mid-Summer Break: July 10-14
Labor Day Weekend: September 2-4
Thanksgiving Break: November 22-24
Christmas Break: December 21- January 2
Spring Break: March 26-30
*On other “school-holidays” during the season, there will be the regular gym schedule.


Skills Camp – June 3 & 4
Choreography Week – August 14-18
Fall Showcase at RMHS –Saturday, November 11th
Holiday Cheer Party – Wednesday, December 20th
Team pictures: Monday, February 5th (After Spirit Sports)
Spring Showcase at RMHS – Saturday, February 11th
End of the Year Luncheon & Awards – late April/early May – TBA – dependent on D2 Summit


A Team Rep is a parent who is the liaison between the coach and the parents. There will be one rep per team. The rep is in charge of meeting the team at competitions, handing out wristbands/shoe tags, and assisting with team functions and communication. Team Reps are not involved in gym decisions, coaching, or accounting issues. Please remember that the Team Rep is only doing what is being asked of them by staff, so please respect them. Problems should be taken up with the Program Director.


A $50 referral fee will be credited to your account for each NEW athlete that you bring to Desert Elite who joins the team program. The new member/family must reference you for you to receive credit and they must join the program for the entire year. Credit will be applied after their second month of membership.

Approximate FEES FOR THE 2017-2018 SEASON:

Evaluation week – May 1-5 $40
Annual gym registration (per family) $50
Annual USASF fee $40

Returning member monthly tuition (all-stars) $135
New member monthly tuition (all-stars ) $160
Prep team monthly tuition $75
Rec team monthly tuition $50
Unlimited Tumbling class monthly tuition (Maverick) an additional $40
(or $10 drop-in per class)

*First month tuition is due the first week of practices. Annual fees are due by the end of the first month or before. **Should you choose to decline your spot, there is NO REFUND.
*Uniform & Supplies (varies according to returning or not) $600-750
Practice bra top, formal uniform & warm-ups paid through Varsity Payment Portal – early August;
T-shirts & bows – mid-October; Nfinity shoes with Amy (before start of season).
Choreography & Music (includes upgrades throughout season)…$400
- Due on or before August 15th
Competition fees (varies with level and age) $500-1,000
- Specific amount will be announced by June 15th once schedule is set.
- Installments will begin in October and end in March.
- Payment can be made in full.
*Costs are tentative and may be adjusted as needed.


Late fee (tuition or scheduled payment) $25
Returned check fee $25
No-Show, No-Call absence $25

  • LEVEL-Pay is available upon request and will be an average monthly payment that includes all yearly costs.
  • Payments can be cash or check. Credit cards are accepted, but there is a 2.5% user fee.
  • FUNDRAISING can be done to help offset any costs of participation including competitions, classes, tuition, and supplies.
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